High Speed Rail

Will California’s Bullet Train Blast Through Your Back Yard?

|  By Andrew Fried, SAFE President  | May 6, 2016 Over the years, the acronym NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) has taken on a widely recognized negative connotation: People who oppose things like new construction or government infrastructure projects get labeled, derisively, as NIMBY’s: The implication is that a NIMBY is someone who doesn’t care about the greater good, or the rights of another land owner to develop his or her property. If the new project is in a…

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High-Speed Rail: The Latest SCV Disaster in Waiting

|  By Andrew Fried, SAFE President  | Jan. 22, 2016 You name it, and someone has tried to stick this community with it. Hog farms. Toxic waste dumps. Prisons. Landfills. Over the past half-century, this corner of northern Los Angeles County has fended off all of them. A decade and a half ago, a group of concerned citizens formed Safe Action for the Environment Inc., a nonprofit organization promoting safe air, safe water and safe roads, with a focus on…

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