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Will California’s Bullet Train Blast Through Your Back Yard?

|  By Andrew Fried, SAFE President  | May 6, 2016 Over the years, the acronym NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) has taken on a widely recognized negative connotation: People who oppose things like new construction or government infrastructure projects get labeled, derisively, as NIMBY’s: The implication is that a NIMBY is someone who doesn’t care about the greater good, or the rights of another land owner to develop his or her property. If the new project is in a…

Wilk Bill Tackles Complacency Over CEMEX Mine

SB 146 Would Guarantee Residents a Voice Over Mine’s Water Permits |     By Andrew Fried, SAFE President, Feb. 20, 2017     | Complacency is deadly. This truism can be aptly applied to the battle to prevent CEMEX USA from developing a massive sand and gravel mine in Soledad Canyon. After more than two decades, in August 2015 it appeared the battle may be drawing to a close, as the federal Bureau of Land Management canceled the contracts…

Regional Leaders Support Retention of San Gabriel Mountains National Monument

|  By Andrew Fried, SAFE President  | Aug. 11, 2017  | When President Donald Trump ordered Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke to review the status of 27 national monuments created by three former presidents, many across the nation took it as a call to action to advocate on behalf of the monuments closest to their homes, and their hearts.   Los Angeles County is among them.  Here, Trump’s order raised concerns over the fate of the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument, designated by President Obama in October 2014. Indeed,…

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